Product & Still Life Photography Workshop

Shoot Better Product & Still Life Photographs

An Introduction

still life, product, chocolate,
A product shot of a chocolate display.

Learn to shoot product photography images and still life

subjects with Capture and Create.

Learn to shoot product photography images and still life subjects with Doug and Sue at the Oakroom in Smeeth. This workshop is essential for both professionals needing smart product photos and hobbyists wanting to produce better still life shots. You will learn what equipment you’ll need, clever composition tricks plus receive demonstrations and hands-on practical photography throughout the session.

Workshop Details

This one day workshop caters for beginners to intermediate. While some basic knowledge of either Adobe Elements, Lightroom or Photoshop (or any other editing software you currently use) is an advantage, don't panic we can help you. You will learn the practical photography elements and some image editing basics, such as how to upload your images and do some basic adjustments in order for you to confidently create great images.

Workshop Cost: Usually £110 per person but now only £99 if booked early, before November 30th 2016.

Contact Doug or Sue for more info on: Or book on the button below.

NB: If you have something you would like to experiment with for this workshop, please do bring it with you. Items such as flowers, bottles, food items, watches or similar items, all make for a great set-up to practice on.


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