The ghost of Battersea Bridge edited using Nik Silver Efex
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Nik software now free from Google

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Google's Easter present is surely one of the best ever!

Amazing news for Photo lovers the world over. A really great Easter present from Google! Google has just announced that it's Nik software comprising 7 different desk-top plug-ins is now available to everyone for free.

Silver Efex and Colour Efex are by far my two favourites but the others are well worth having a look at too.

This is an example of a recent image I processed using Nik Silver Efex

This software has an amazing amount of editing capabilities. Start by selecting one of the plug-ins, then choose a rough example of the type of effect you desire from the drop-down menu of images, then tweak away to your hearts delight making the adjustments unique to you and your image using the panel on the right hand side.


So, are there any problems with this software? Yes! There are so many options to experiment with you will find yourself going to bed at past midnight! Otherwise the only thing you have to take care with is haloing around the edges of objects on occasions.

Otherwise enjoy and don't blame us for your late nights or early mornings!

from a Nik software enthusiast.



The ghost of Battersea Bridge
The ghost of Battersea Bridge



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