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Our Latest Cruises and Workshops

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Luxury Photographic Cruises on Europe's Inland Waterways

Capture and Create operate an exclusive range of luxury photographic cruises aboard stunning boutique-style floating hotels in and around Europe.
Relax aboard one of our stunning, luxury boutique hotel barges and enjoy relaxed and inspiring surroundings, Michelin Star-style food to "dine" for and a sumptuous wine list.
But don't forget, while you enjoy the luxurious surroundings as you cruise along, you'll receive expert photographic tuition from your Capture and Create team; best-selling photographer Doug Harman and photographer and renown image editing and Photoshop expert, Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB.

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Capture and Create Photographic Workshops

Capture and Create run a range of photographic workshops throughout the year. We offer one and two day workshops that cater to all levels of experience. Our workshops while challenging are based around Kent and the south east of England and include location shoots, special and exclusive access to some venues. We cover both camera skills and photo techniques as well as image editing using all leading software packages such as Adobe's Photoshop, Lightroom and many more.
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CHANGE THE CROP GRID WHILE CROPPING Lightroom’s crop tool has hidden features that can help to improve the composition of an image. Initially, the crop tool provides a grid that divides a shot into nine zones, naughts and crosses fashion, using the “rule of thirds”. Did you know however, there are six crop grid variants to choose between and you can choose any of them while doing any cropping. • To view each crop grid in turn, hit the “O” on your keyboard and it will cycle through each one in turn as you press, simply stop pressing at the grid that provides the best crop or ratio you’re after.
• If you press the Shift key and “O” together – the grid will flip over, mirror-fashion for even more options. • Finally, you can see all the crop grids at your disposal by choosing Tools > Crop Guide Overlay from the drop down menu that appears.


We all like something for free, don't we? Well Capture and Create will send you photography training lessons into your inbox, erm, for free! Each weekly lesson is based upon Doug Harman's UK No1 best-selling The Digital Photography Handbook. You can unsubscribe at any time of course but you never know, you might just pick up new knowledge, so why not give it a go? It is free after all. Sign up for your FREE lessons by clicking on the sign up form shown below.

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