close up, Shot on a dull day using a Canon 6D with a macro 100mm f/2.8L IS USM lens at ISO 1000, 1/400th sec at f14

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Don't Miss Out – Learn how to shoot close up and macro images with Capture and Create

The last few places on our "Introduction to Close Up and Macro Workshop" on May 2nd, 2017 are up for grabs. The course is open to all levels of photographic experience but is designed as a fun introduction to the techniques involved.

We will include techniques to get great close up shots and how to produce stunning detailed macro images too. We'll include some fun and funky techniques to whet those with a more creative appetite, as well as useful tips such as, taking close and macro images of your valuables can be a great way to help with insurance claims should you lose a precious item or, god forbid, get items stolen. All will be revealed on the day, so don't delay and Book Today.

Macro and Close Up – What is the Difference?

There's often confusion over what makes a macro image a "macro image" and what is simply a close up shot. Add into the mix that some lenses are called Macro lenses, such as Canon's EF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens and others are denoted as a "micro" lens, such as Nikon's AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED lens, and it is understandable.

A macro image is one shot on a dedicated macro lens, able to achieve a 1:1 magnification (or greater) and reveals a level of fine detail of a small subject not achievable with a non-macro lens.

A close up shot is one taken using a lens that is not a true macro lens, is not able to achieve a 1:1 magnification and reveals a small subject – usually or often – in its entirety – or parts of a subject taken close to the subject, revealing general detail. See below for more details.


Macro Image

A macro image is one where the image was shot using a dedicated Macro lens able to achieve at least a 1:1 magnification. So you'd use a Macro lens to shoot a small subject or part of a small subject, say an insects eyes, details of a flower (as in this image) to show tiny details within them, rather than the entire subject.

Shot on a dull day using a Canon 6D with a macro 100mm f/2.8L IS USM lens at ISO 1000, 1/400th sec at f14. close up
A Macro image of the fine detail of a flower and shot on a dull day using a Canon 6D with a macro 100mm f/2.8L IS USM lens at ISO 1000, 1/400th sec at f14

Close Up Image

A close up photograph is a photo of, say, a flower, insect or piece of jewelry, with a lens that is not a dedicated Macro lens. Some lenses have the word Macro on them, but don't achieve a 1:1 magnification, these are not true macro lenses. A close up reveals the subject in close up (often the entire subject) but NOT enlarged to the point where it reveals tiny details.

Carpenter Bee on Lavender shot using an Olympus Zuiko 12-60mm F/2.8 ED zoom lens. Not a macro lens. close up.
Carpenter Bee on Lavender shot using a Olympus Zuiko 12-60mm F/2.8 ED zoom lens. This is not a macro lens.

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• Or come and join our Macro and Close Up workshop: Learn how to shoot the very small in a big way with Capture and Create. When: May 2nd, 2017. BOOK NOW for just £75

• Back by popular demand: Leeds Castle and Lightroom: Learn with two experienced tutors at the beautiful Leeds Castle with photography tips and techniques, followed by an afternoon of editing your images in Adobe’s Lightroom image editing software where we’ll show you some of the amazing capabilities of Lightroom. When: March 16th 2018 BOOK NOW for just £119.

Introduction to Still Life Photography: Learn to shoot product photography images and still life subjects with Doug and Sue at the Oakroom in Smeeth. Useful for both professionals and hobbyists alike we will cover what equipment you’ll need, go through composition tricks with demonstrations and hands-on practical photography throughout the session. When: June 2017 Date still TBC Enquire Now. Price: £110

Each workshop includes refreshments and a working lunch and costs from just £75 per person.

Doug and Sue Look Forward to Seeing you on a Workshop Very Soon.

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