Great Grandma Honess with Grandma Honess standing on log in front of her (Mother of Florence Eileen Wigmore)

International Children’s Day

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International Children's Day: A Day For Children

A Day for Children

The recent International Children's Day is yet another example of an International day that I didn't know existed – until now – and gave pause for thought on how lovely it is to see these vintage photographs of babies. One can't help but smile when a cheeky young face gleams at you; an angelic tot with such soft pure skin and that wonderful look of innocence.

But it is never too late to photograph your own children however old they are; after all, they will always be someones child whether they are 1 day old. One year old or 50-years old! Memories captured on film or digital are always fondly remembered and are either popped in the family album or on-line family folder or shared via social media or photo sharing sites such as Flickr!

So what exactly is National Children's day?

Observed on June 1st, The World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland, proclaimed this day to be International Children's Day in 1925.

After the conference, different governments around the world decided to declare a day as Children's Day to draw attention to children's issues and to honour children globally.  It was then established universally in 1954 to protect an "appropriate" day.   There are however some global variations and under the United Nations recommendation Nov 20th is also known as Universal Children's Day.

It's never too late...

  • To take a photograph of your child today! If you haven't got a camera then just for today use your smart phone! If you don't own a camera then perhaps even treat yourself to a family portrait - you won't regret it.
  • To take a photograph of some old family photographs (that's just what I've been doing) so they won't get lost for the future!
  • To take a look through your family albums and file them in a logical order (family name or by year perhaps)? that generations that follow will be able to identify them accordingly.
  • To show your old family photographs to your children and let them know what life was about when you were a kid - I bet they will smile!
  • To treat your child to one of our Photographic retreats or a one day workshop.

Just to prove it......

Here are some of my family images I've just copied by shooting them on my Trusty Canon digital SLR. Other than cropping and some lightening and darkening they are basically "out of the camera" with no cloning or spot removal etc.  On a future blog, I will give you some hints and tips how to renovate your old photographs, so watch this space!

Young boy circa 1890's
Young sisters circa 1890's
Father holding young daughter
Two young men circa 1900's
Florence Eileen Honess circa 1943
Mr and Mrs Honess and family circa 1895 (Grandmother of Florence Eileen Honess)
Florence Sarah Honess, Susan Wigmore, Eileen Wigmore nee Honess and Reginald Honess circa 1966

Sadly some of my original family prints had no names attached, so I will need to do some research to ensure that when they are passed down to my daughter so she knows a little more about her ancestors without having to spend hours finding out who is who. In the meantime, enjoy a few photographs of days gone by. I just love looking at the old clothing; it is amazing how styles change, as much as anything else including the people in the pictures.

.....and don't forget...... if you haven't taken that photograph of your child yet...... go take it now!

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