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Photographing Hoarfrost

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Hoarfrost Magic

Time to shoot nature's winter magic

It is rare here in Kent to get hoarfrost, but this morning the temperature was a chilly -4 degrees C, sunny and wonderfully still; the perfect opportunity to get out there with the macro lens and shoot some close-up images. Both Doug and I were up early, unable to resist the temptation to get out with our cameras and as you will see below we've captured a few interesting shots between us. I concentrated on using my macro lens looking for the crystal structures, whilst Doug (on his morning walk with his dogs) concentrated on a wider approach with some landscape images. 

After 30 minutes outside, although my toes were very cold my hands were strangely warm; another plus from the photography point of view as I was shooting on manual and constantly changing the depth of field and ISO (dependent on whether I was shooting in the shade or into the sunlight). Gloves were not really an option!

Hoar frost on Callicarpa berries
Hoarfrost on Callicarpa berries


If you would like to learn more about shooting macro and close-up images, check out our Macro and Close-up workshop on May 2nd 2017 where we'll teach you how to get your own stunning close up shots.

....In the meantime, here are a few more of our images to enjoy.




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