Confused by Your Camera?

Are you confused with all the buttons and dials on your camera?
Are you puzzled by the difference between low and high ISO's, depth of field and shutter speeds?
Would you like to improve your photography skills?
Are you keen to get to grips with the basics of Photoshop and Lightroom?

Answer yes to any of these questions? Then we can help.

At Capture and Create our workshops aim to...

1) Guide you through the fundamentals of exposure, depth of field, ISO settings and much more.
2) Give you plenty of practical shooting practise at some of our wonderful locations in and around Kent and then
3) We follow it up with learning the basic skills of how to edit your shots in Lightroom and Photoshop.

 For full details check out our course availability here.

Statue Statue after LR editng 600px high

This example is a very simple photograph of a statue taken on a miserable dull day and is very under exposed. Certainly not an ideal scenario in itself, but maybe this was the only image that you took in a rush and you didn't get the camera setting quite right. With some careful cropping and a few simple adjustments in Lightroom (or Adobe camera raw) the photograph on the right just shows how much detail your camera actually captured and the hidden detail that can be easily brought out by pulling just a few sliders and making a few tonal adjustments.

 Here are a few additional examples of before and after image enhancement.

Clematis as shot in camera
Clematis after enhancements
Shadow detail in flower petals enhanced and background distractions all removed
Tulip as shot in camera
Tulip after enhancements
Pumpkin as shot in camera
Pumpkin after enhancements
A plug-in called fractalius by Redfield has been applied to this image
Wild poppy as shot in camera
Wild poppy after enhancements
Jaguar as shot in camera
Jaguar after enhancements
Luminance and saturation increased. Cloud detail enhanced. Edges vignetted
Mazda MX5 as shot in camera + auto setting in LR
Mazda MX5 after enhancements
Broken window as shot in camera
Broken window after enhancements
Numerous different car images and parts of cars superimposed in the majority of the glass panes then blended using blend modes and adjusting opacity as desired.
Painted girl
Painted girl after enhancements
High key image cropped heavily with high contrast and highly simplified
Painted hand as shot in camera
Painted hand after enhancements
Photoshopped using Topaz Black and White plug-in
Southforeland View
Shot late afternoon into the sun (what there was of it) on a generally dismal overcast day!
Southforeland View
After LR and adjustments in Siver Efex Pro then tweaked with contrast
St Margarets Bay
St Margarets Bay
After Topaz Impression with a pencil sketch effect
1) As shot in camera
2) After LR adjustments
3) After Topaz Glow
4) After Topaz Glow (Fur and Feather)
5) After Topaz