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One of Our Cruise Locations on TV

We are of course delighted to announce the first of our 2018 cruises (make sure and take a look here if you missed it or click our ‘Book’ button below) because, if you’ve not yet experienced the delights of the French Canal du Midi, then why not take a peek at world-famous chef James Martin’s new TV series featuring the area you too could be travelling with Capture and Create. Martin’s program, episode 2 of the new series on ITV, reveals some of its delights both scenic and culinary.



James Martin Sails the Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi episode: ‘James Martin’s French Adventure, Episode 2: Canal du Midi’  broadcasts on Tuesday 31st January on ITV at 3pm and forms part of the  world-famous chef’s new food travel series; journeying through France to the locations that inspired his culinary career and paying homage to his culinary hero, Keith Floyd.

Episode 2: Canal du Midi, Carcassonne and Beyond

In episode 2, James arrives in Canal Du Midi. Starting in historic Carcassonne, James cooks up a delicious fish stew on the banks of the canal and hops aboard a boat for a trip towards the coast. In exchange for a little work, he is treated to a traditional cuttlefish lunch cooked in the boat’s tiny kitchen before disembarking at L’Étang de Thau. There he treats the crew to a classic French dish, Moules Mariniere.

Check out further details for James adventures here.

Then, if you are feeling tempted and don’t want to miss out, have a look at our amazing trip to this truly beautiful and photogenic area and…

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