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Enjoy reading all the latest photographic news and stories, keeping up to date with equipment, searching out competitions and more?

Photography News has it all and (as we all like these days) it is completely free!

Now just to get one thing straight: I am not on commission here!

I have been reading Photography News since it was first introduced 3 years ago. Then, it merely consisted of a few “newspaper” style sheets with some useful info and advertisements. Now it is far, far more. In fact I probably spend more time reading it than I do some of the Photographic magazines that I actually buy!

With regards to the “free” part: If you belong to a Camera Club, Photographic Society, college or University, your coordinator / secretary will receive  the newspaper free of charge and deliver them to you at club evenings. If you are NOT a member of any one of these then you can still obtain an on-line copy free of charge by visiting, sign up (or log-in), go to Magazines > Photography News to read the latest issues. If you want to guarantee getting every copy without relying on your Club or college then you can still receive 13 issues each year of this great paper for £19.99 delivered direct to your door.

Just to show the basic format of the magazine here are a couple of screen shots of the on-line version.

Photography News Issue 30 page 1
Photography News Issue 30 page 1
Photography News Issue 30 page 2
Photography News Issue 30 page 2



I certainly didn’t know that you could borrow Olympus kit free in a try before you buy scheme – I might just go and test some out!




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